Construction industry.
Protection for building assets.

Damage to buildings due to damp and moisture can have serious consequences. Examples include efflorescence at joints, freezing of ceramic coverings, penetration of moisture into the construction underneath or the formation of mould. Sealing systems prevent such damage. Jaeger develops, produces and supplies components for these systems. Elastic joint sealing tapes, fittings and other components from Jaeger all form part of modern sealing systems which prevent expensive damp-induced building damage right from the start.

Jaeger has been a partner to the construction industry for many years. As a purely private-label manufacturer, we complement our customers’ systems to include sealing tapes, sealing membranes and accessories. Jaeger handles the entire development chain from product development and practical tests in our own laboratory through tailor-made product design to packaging design and certification – always in close collaboration with the customer. Solution-oriented and uncomplicated.

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